This a question from one of the BPM forums: If case management is the answer, what is the question?

June 5, 2012

Our response:
As an organization are we thinking on terms of collaboration and driving for a higher degree of customer engagement via channels our customer wants to use?

Case Management is an approach to improving how work is done. It is both methodology and technology. Processes have to be defined, understood and made efficient. Management must be adroit to acknowledge that not all knowledge workers work the same, understand how each worker works, what are the application expectations, what the user requires of the application, who is the knowledge worker, what do they do, what are the pain points – taking on an historical analysis. Rules have to be defined for collaboration to take place within the framework of the Case, thus governance and controls are important.

Recognition of social capabilities, the consumption of large amounts of data, how workers connect with one another, the different conventions used to collaborate and the ability to automate within the context of the Case are very important. For those organizations that are consumer driven, providing their customer with access to information when, where and how they want to see it is a strength of CM, you see this with banks and insurance companies.
These are just a few thinking points.

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