Which comes first, the content or the process?

July 17, 2011

Content is substance, message or subject matter that is parallel to the ideas, rules and goals of the organization. Within content are the individual items or topics addressed with in a publication or document.

Process as applies to this blog,  is the work, rules, and actions involved in the development and management of content.

When I think about it, the  answer is process comes first.  In creating content the preliminary actions involve research, analysis, etc., then the process of managing the content. In that scenario it is process – content – process.  If I’m receiving content, as in the case of end-2-end, the acceptance of the content is a process that would be modeled as an activity, possibly at the Start.

Here is an interesting read http://www.volacci.com/blog/ben-finklea/2010/september/01/content-strategy-process-phases-iii-v?nocache=1#comment-2724

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