Business Process Analysis go for the Gold

October 16, 2010

There is more to BPA than just identifying risk, redundancies and gaps or developing maps to display the current and the proposed to-be state of the enterprise. Take it to the next level – put your knowledge of IT and industry trends, practices, strategies, software and hardware on display. Lay it all out, present 2 not more than 3 possible strategies for process improvements, allowing your client to make the better decision, communicate the business objective each strategy points to.

For IT management and the CFO, providing case studies on implementation, operational management, cost, etc. will aid in managing opposition along with helping your client to gain buy-in. I would even suggest preparing a simple cost analysis as part of the proposed action plan. Don’t misunderstand, I am not suggesting you invest hours in being a CPA; outsource the task to an associate.

You have performed a in-depth analysis of the enterprise, show your client you are sensitive to the possible impact the change(s) being presented will have on staff and stakeholders, suggest some change management strategies, such as a web site for communicating with the latter about the changes to take place, schedules, timelines, updates, benefits, training, etc., with an option for comments and points of contact assigned to the project.

Your expertise is the analysis and identifying where improvements will benefit the enterprise, your value is enhanced with the additional effort you put forth to make available a framework for the business process improvement project and plans for IT investments.

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