Enterprise Architecture and IT Enterprise Architecture what is the difference?

March 24, 2010

Enterprise Architecture is a description of the processes, people, business functions, systems, and the external environment to include clients, vendors, stakeholders and business information, noting how each unit interconnects to meet the purpose of the enterprise. The EA is designed according to the mission, vision and principles of the enterprise. Enterprise Architecture is not technical; it looks at the whole organization and all the pieces that are required to meet strategic goals.

EA is not technical – there in lies the difference between the two…IT Enterprise Architecture is all technical. IT EA assess the very same components of the EA, but with a slightly different agenda – its goal is to give the enterprise the right technology design and resources that will help the enterprise in meeting its goals effectively and efficiently, to include management of information.  As IT is a functional part of the organization it has to provide the applications, data repositories and information security protocols and structure to manage the business information, provide the resources that allow people to process information quickly, safely and accurately while co-authoring a recursive relationship between business and IT. At the core of the IT EA design are the guiding principles and stratagem of the enterprise. The IT Enterprise Architecture is architecture within architecture.



  1. Since IT EA is architecture within architecture I would call it just IT Architecture. It is a part of the whole Enterprise Architecture that can be defined as the “sum” of Business and IT architectures.

    • Interesting Joao…I would hesitate to call IT Architecture the sum…as sum in the grand total, HR would say the same, Customer Relations would try to make the same claim, etc. I would say IT Enterprise Architecture is a component in the sum of all things that is required for sustainabilty.

      Appreciate your thoughts.

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