Response: BPM has reached it’s tipping point, are you brave enough to leave your comfort zone ?

March 3, 2010

This is a response to a BPM forum discussion about the maturity of BPM as a method for process improvement and some of the Process Analyst strategies used in gathering information and the benefit they yield, particularly conducting f-2-f interviews.

Theo, I agree with my colleagues…face-to-face dialogs go a long way in minimizing the fear of change that many of us have experienced when engaging our clients. Quite as it is kept I believe that these collaborative sessions have played a large role in BP improvement activities becoming more inclusive in the survival strategies of organizations. As practitioners and IT SMEs, I agree with you, we should take advantage of all available technologies to engage our clients, but not to the extinct that we alienate them. My experience has proven the more direct involvement the practitioner is with the client the higher the project success rate.

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